Reading in Bed



I composed this early today, the inspiration should show itself.

My pussycat wants attention,

                       - purring as she strides between the influence of urbanization on geopolitics and my nose.

Is she ever prey to the compulsive pursuit of pleasure out of measure, suffering for it,

                          or is she naturally balanced in her appetites?

I think cats travel the middle path naturally, they'll never lay the world to waste.

Who is more spiritually awakened, her, living in the meow, or me, always working for peaceful balance?

My mind skips off from thought to thought, browsing emotions, seeking a mood to start the day.

Pussycat is off to the kitchen and our dog, sad-eyed, comes snuffling for scraps of affection.

I love you, too. 

Okay, let's get going.


19 April, 2017

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