Simple Pleasures



simple things make me happy

I have no hankering for lashings of money

Piles of gold like a sea of pure honey

Diamonds, rubies, an abundance of riches

Silken clothing with extravagant stitches

A lavish home, spacious and grand

Next to a beach with sun-kissed sand

I seek only the simple things

The ability to laugh in the face of doom

Brushing aside the murmurs of gloom

A walk in the park, the wind in my hair

Love by my side, soul pure and fair

Lying in the grass, the sun beating down

Eroding my woes, erasing that frown

Gazing up at a star-infused sky

Cosmic beauty pleasing to the eye

Birds singing

Church bells ringing

Waking at dawn

Dew on the lawn

The first drop of snow

Dusk's orange glow

The cry of an eagle

The bark of a beagle

Simple pleasures

Greed turns people into monsters


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