Exercises of Style



The first poem is inspired by E.E.Cummings' style. The second one is 'i carry your heart with me' in the style of David Peace, based on a paragraph taken from his book "Red or Dead".

d(wor     l)

(d)     est




i     (a)





I carry your heart in a box through the winter-time, the night-time. I saw you standing there with a hole in your chest. I focus on your heart in the box. I was asked to focus on you heart. In the box. It was the winter-time, in the night-time. I carry your heart as a precious gift. I carry it for you. They asked me to put it in the box. They asked me to keep it safe with me. They asked me to not look back. They asked me to avoid your eyes. They asked me to focus on the box. They asked me to focus on your heart.

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