Hot Caballo



I dislike this part of submitting a & hope to hear comments via DIT/collaborative process how readers interpret, if intended multiple entendres come across. Caballo=Horse

cowering behind a screen

of love, making new waves

of hate, hiding me 

Back in your cave, 

Only show your hand

To slap my face


Towering like the black sky above,

You're coming down on me

You built me up knowing my fate

Is to disappear

Without a trace ...ooh...


well you can take that poisonous waste

And serve it to another victim...

But count the days Before. you. get a taste

and learn to love your soul's eviction

cuz i won't just die or go away

I'll bite back as I break my chains, so

have your fun cuz I'll have my day with you — yeah, you

Have your fun, I will have my way with you...


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