A Hopeful surviving poem for wolves across the globe


It’s all here in my hand

Sitting softly, gently

Looking up at me

The look of wonder

You are howling to me

I can see the sadness

Nothing is gladdening

Nothing is happening

One day my friend it will all end

Your sorrows, your pain

Your anguish

I feel it too

Right here within my heart and soul

Beside me stands a lone wolf


Tall and strong

Alert and observant

Aware of what is going on

He is keeping a vigil


He knows

His senses alert

Ears pricked forward

Is this his kith and kin?

That has yet to be born?

A messenger from the other realm

The swirling clouds encircling

The night sky, azure blue

All that I see is

The brightness of the light

That is in the palm of these hands

And the rainbow

Maybe just maybe

This dream and vision

Will happen one day


Hope is eternal

For now I hold this vision

This dream

I know what needs to be done

Can you trust me?

There is much work to be done

Time is not on your side

This where we come in

We feel it all

We will do our best

We will fight, we will be heard

We are your voice, we are the moment

Right here and now!


© Teresa Joseph Franklin

17th September 2012

All Rights Reserved

Taken from the book of Wolves Poetry

(c) Living Under The Same Sky


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