The Feast



A view of life as a meal.

The Feast

A feast of satisfaction for one single man,

May appear to be a beggar’s breakfast to another,

Though a genius sees with ease his intricate life plan,

To a simple man it may seem too much trouble to bother.


There are different means of satisfaction for us all,

These differences make neither man less or more,

We must answer in our own way when hunger calls,

Relying on our own principles to unlock life’s doors.


The industrialist may not see the fulfilment in a farmer’s harvest,

Nor a banker the importance of a child’s first penny,

A teacher may not see the achievement of passing one test,

Bleakly reminding the students it is one of many.


For some seeing the next sunrise is incentive to survive,

Day to day existence is what they are concerned about,

For others only dreams of the future keep them alive,

Living for the moment fills them with doubt.


Facts are to a dreamer as foreign as life’s actuality,

Yet to a realist they are as necessary as the air they breathe,

While the realist thinks sombrely of death’s finality,

Dreamer believe with optimism that we never really leave.


Therefore, bread for one will always be for another cake,

And if we look with disappointment at another’s meal,

We must accept how their hunger is satisfied for our own sake,

Or our own dreams of a perfect feast will never be real.


If in life there were but one meal to satisfy all on earth,

The pleasure found in foods enigmas we would never discover,

Though from the same loaf we may all be cut at birth,

From the boredom of all eating the same meal each day

                                                       We would never recover.




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