I wrote this poem for all the pain, hurt, grieving and brokenhearted in the world we live in. My heart bleeds for all regardless of color, race, ethnicity, nationality, male, female or station in life, this is for you...


tears for the fallen
tears for the blue
tears for the brown
tears for you

a puddle stands beside me
sadness in my heart
tears I shed
even though I'm not a part

tears for the families
survivors of the fallen
tears for the mothers
who have lost their daughters
tears for the ones
who have lost their sons
tears for the wives
who have lost their husbands
tears for the children
who have lost their parents
tears for the husbands
who have lost their wives
tears for the brothers
who have lost their sisters
and vice versa
He tells me his sad story
"I'm so sorry mister..."

a river forms around me
so much hurt in my heart
tears I shed
swelling within my heart

tears for the officers
tears for the victims
tears for the soldiers
tears for the children
tears for the women
tears for 9.11

tears for the hate
tears for violence
God I'm so tired
for all this pain and nonsense

an ocean stands around me
it's rising to my nose
another person killed
I've got no where to go

so I'll drown in my pain
swallowed by my sadness
prayers for the broken
left living in all this madness

Stop the hate.
Stop the violence.
STOP the racial divide.
It's 2016. Have we learned anything yet?

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