The Beauty and the Bully



She has white eyeliner around both eyes

She has white eyeliner around both eyes
Her nose is brown surrounded by white
Her face is shaped like a pixie's
She is absolutely gorgeous
Even though she is pint-sized

She is a bully
Leaping at Pretty Kitty from on top
Pouncing on Pretty Kitty from behind the covers
Chasing Pretty Kitty away from her wet food
Michi is only half her size
I worry what will happen to Pretty Kitty
When Michi is full-grown

Michi is tortoise-shelled
Her medium-length fur is soft, soft, soft
She will always have these endearing features
No matter how bad a bully she is
She will be beautiful and a bully

I'd like to teach her not to be a bully
But it might not be possible
We'd need a community of cats with morals
How difficult would that be?

So we're stuck with the beauty and the bully.

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