Once upon a time...



A poem about confusion and the feeling of being lost.

Once upon a time, in a world not unlike are own, a shadow wept a sea of tears.

It wept for  lost love, a broken heart and the loss of its youthful years.

The shadow huddled in a dark deep corner, to hide from all that it sees, and closes it's eyes, its ear's and it's heart from all that it feels would be.

It sings a melody, a mournful tune, such a sorrowful lonely sound. In hope one day not far from now it's shadow will be found.

Then taken from the deep abyss and reunited with it's soul and transformed from it's shadow form, to become a completed whole.

But for now it waits in the unknown, drowning in it's pain. In a sea of broken dreams and promises, in an ocean with no name....

Copy Right of Katie Hewitt


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