Coming Out



Thoughts of a survivor

Coming Out 

I'm not afraid now
I'm not coming unglued
I'm not taking the blame
for what you chose to do 

The lie is dead 

There is nothing you can do 
You silenced a voice 
but it was all in your head 

So cry to me now
Tell me your tales of woe 
How your straddled and strapped 
and there's no place to go 

So act out again and then 
Blame it on me 
Because that is your rant 
The way you'd like things to be 

But this time I know
I'm coming out strong 
I'm not afraid 
Of what you want to prolong 

Because this time I'm clear
You didn't break me 
Your stylized little dance 
Didn't scathe my beauty 

I'm coming out real 

and you don't have a chance 
You think your smarter than me 
and you just might be 

but the truth is the truth 
Maybe that's your cry for help 
You're so full of lies 

and so full of yourself 

Well God bless you now 
but do not ask me for grace
When you're lying about me 
To save your own face

Because I'm coming out 
I'm going to be there 
with God at my side 
and the wind in my hair.

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