Old Fool!!!



Based on an experience.



I heard,

An old man say,

"This is not how poetry is recited"

For a girl,

Who used strong words,

And strong voice.

I heard his words,

And I heard the disapproval,

The denial for her voice,

The oppression for her thoughts,

The fear of her power,

The desire to clip her wings,

And I wanted to protect her,

For she is such a fragile girl,

With a strong voice,

And a stronger mind,

I wanted to tell the old man,

You can't stop her now,

She has her notebook,

And her pen,

You are scared I understand,

Because she is not bejeweled,

A woman without jewels is scary,

For her eyes shine

Brighter than diamonds,

Her smile is golden,

Her courage platinum,

And she becomes the Earth,

Earth, which gives birth,

To everything of Value,

Including you, you old fool.


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