Falling Down



Another period where things were a little darker so I wanted to let my girlfriend know I wasn't going anywhere and we would get through it together.

Falling Down

Are you falling down?
To the depths of despair
Dark thoughts fill your mind

Are you feeling down?
Look inside if you dare
Dread what you might find

Do you want to drown?
Blackness engulfs you
Slips into every pore

Do you want to frown?
Blackness covers you
Ice heart black to the core

Fall deeper and darker
Depression and regression
A heart begins to tear

No more sunshine
Just black clouds and rain
End it now, who would care?

What’s the point, can’t go on
Ruby eyes, sore with tears
Feelings numb, flesh is tired
Living through, all your fears

But stop.
Somebody loves you, cares for you, worships you

See their hand, reaching below
Pulling you up, into the light
Thawing your heart, make it glow
A warm embrace, holding you tight
Feeling the love, so you just know
Everything, is going to be alright


Johnny 2014

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