Deepest Cuts



Why do many good people suffer? I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. We are "crafted" using those difficult times, to become what we're meant to be, especially if our purpose is to inspire others.

Sometimes it can be hard to say
Why people suffer in this way.

Especially the kindest hearts
That are so often torn apart.

My silent question to the sky:
"It should not happen. Tell me why."

Then a picture floods my mind,
A wall of carvings, my thoughts find.

Caricatures on every shelf,
Even one just like myself.

Representing all who thrive,
Upon this earth, they are alive.

In the room a giant stands,
A carving tool held in his hand.

Though his face is hidden from my view,
The movement of his hands is true.

To the floor the shavings fall,
The statue in his hand stands tall.

Then suddenly I hear him speak:
"This one needs a little tweak."

"She will have a special role,
And more detail will make her whole."

Then his knife cuts deeper lines,
The statue's features are defined.

Then finally he is content,
That his time has been well spent.

He puts the statue on its perch,
And over it do my eyes search.

There are none around it carved so well,
Much love was added, one can tell.

Then I am back in my own place,
A look of wonder on my face.

The vision passed, its truth was clear,
A little secret held so dear.

The pain cuts deep, we want to cry,
But there is a reason why.

Those of us who feel the knife
That cuts so deep into our life.

We have a purpose to reach out,
To learn and share with those who doubt.

To speak our truth and share our pain,
With others lost in cold hard rain.

Because we see the bigger view,
And can teach them to see it too.

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