The Walk



I wrote this and it symbolises the inner demons that a lot of us have to deal with, including me.

Went for a walk
On a bright sunny day
Didnt know where to go
Just far far away

Just wanted to leave
The life that i had
Wanted to forget
How it was so bad

All the pain and struggle
Was too hard to face
I just couldn't keep up
With life's shitty pace

And there it was
Right in front of me
A beautiful bridge
Spanning the deep blue sea

And as I got closer
Painful thoughts were returning
My head, it was burning

Then I just stopped
And fell to my knees
Staring through the night
And feeling the breeze

"Is it really worth it?"
I sat there and thought
Can I really leave
Everything that I got?

"Yes, you sure can"
I heard a voice say
"Step off the bridge
And do yourself away"

"Please, won't you stop!!!"
Another voice said
It would kill everyone
To know you were dead

"Don't listen to her"
The first voice hissed
"You know damn well,
You will never be missed"

"Stop telling him lies"
The second voice spit
"You have family and friends
You'll get through it"

"Come now lad"
The first voice snitched
"Head to the bridge. 

As I sat there and thought
With a feeling of dread
There never was any voices
It was all in my head

I got to my feet
And breathed the night air
The wind felt so cold
As it blew through my hair

I looked toward the bridge
Then I looked toward home
It was then that i knew
I was truly alone

So I started my walk
Towards the big iron beast
My head finally clear
Not a thought in the least

But as I started 
My climb towards the sky
A tear streamed down my face
I never said "Good-bye"

I got to the top
Then I looked down
I couldn't help but think
Of how I would drown

I lept off the ledge
And flew through the air
The water came fast
But i didn't care

Hit the water with a flop
But narry a sound
I started my journey

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