You, you are oil. I am beneath you, I am water. I choose this, to sink, to fall, to flourish in the depths. I push you to the surface and I need you to breathe. Bequeath unto me your heaviness, your sorrows, your heartache, your demons. Let them swim in my sadness, sulk in my corners and cry in my thunder. You are no burden, no weight on my shoulders. You hide me from the sun, you let me live in my darkness. It is here, that I thrive. This is all a means to letting you breathe the air you so willingly shy away from every moment you’re awake. Breathe, I need you to breathe. When you cry, I will swallow your tears until they are matched in the salt of my waters. I will rock you to sleep on my waves. Don’t leave, do no escape and do not be afraid. For once, just be, and let me hold you while I drown.


Alexandra L. Narron

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