How many more?...



I wrote this poem in response to all the attacks that are happening.

How many more innocents will die?

From terror that falls from the sky.

How many more people will be killed? 

 Leaving a life before it has been fulfilled.


Religion is not the one that's at fault,

Yet that is what is cried before an assault.

A bomb hidden here and a shooting is declared, 

Terror all around whilst people are running; hiding and scared.


"In religion we trust and for religion we kill."

It is just an excuse, they do it for the thrill.

How many more lives will be lost?

Whatever their reasons it is too high a cost.


"They started it" is screamed from those in power,

"We'll kill them back, lets start in an hour."

More people die but this time it's others,

Does it not matter they also have mothers?


Black, white or mixed we're all one and the same,

How is it right that we think only one race is too blame?

That man over there didn't pick up the gun,

Yet he's blamed and ignored, the hatred has begun.


How many more people will die?

Families and friends left behind to cry.

How many more countries torn apart?

How much more does it take before we use our heads and are smart?


How many more does it take for world peace?

Stand together and try, untied through the streets.

Stand together as one,

Let the hurt come undone.

© Rowanne S Carberry 22/03/16

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