Poem about surviving abuse.

As she laid at his feet

The feel of his knuckles on her cheek

No softness was found in his touch

This man she loved so much

Gathering herself off of the floor

He laughed at the scars she bore


The tears she cried, now dry

Finally having her answer of why

She allowed her heart to seal

Closed, hard, no longer to feel


Walking to the door she put on her coat

With an evil grin, he continued to gloat

Never believing she would walk away

Just like before, he knew she would stay


Her back straight, and a glint in her eye

She turned to him and said goodbye

Never again would she feel this pain

She had nothing to lose, everything to gain


While he had hit her, she heard her mother's voice

"Your life is yours and you make the choice.

You can be free and create your dreams,

Or you can let life beat you down until you scream.


Love yourself and find your worth within. 

You have the key to your happiness, not men.

Remember you hold the reigns to your life.

If you are in the dark, find the light."


Standing in front of someone she loved

Grateful for her mother's words from above

She shook her head and faced him down

Never again would he put her on the ground


She would be free and wipe her slate clean

She would love herself and create her dreams

No longer a prisoner to the hate and the lies

Looking at him she finally knew the why


He was the lesson to bring her out of the dark

To show her the way back to her heart

If she had not known this place of pain

She would never have found herself again


Walking out of the door, she let him go

A smile on broken lips, feeling herself glow

Warmth filled her soul, head held high she laughed

Finally free from the dark, she would never to go back




                           Butterfly | Christoffer Relander | Source

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