Only You



Poem about dreams of passion and the hope of love.

From my dreams I awoke

With your name on my lips

As a blanket you covered me

Searching for your body on my fingertips

I reach out to touch

You were not there

Time not allowing us to share

Empty space left me shaking

Only a dream I realize aching

Left to separate reality from dream

The hope of you my heart clings

Each day a new dawn greets my sleepy eyes

Each night envelopes my longing sighs

I pray from the well of my soul

Seeking heaven's blessings for you untold

Leaving to faith what my heart cries

The day may come when I look into your eyes

At last to see my dreams come true

No other to exist only we two

This ache I have to love so true

There is no other, only you


                            Love Right | Source
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