Ghosts of Culloden




Culloden, night changes you so

History and mystery merge and circulate

Bloody events, screaming and death

Tales of spectres walking the moor

Ethereal voices riding the wind

Across this open and desolate land

Strangeness burdens me as midnight arrives

Stirring uneasily, breaching my heart

Barrenness, beauty, darkness presides

Shadows playing with my mind

All an illusion ... surely so

Hallowed ground bathed in ancient blood

Jacobite army, restless souls

They continue, troops of the dead

How can one not feel them?

Watching behind the ragged veil

Ghosts of the past holding firm

I walk in silence, cautious steps

Antiquity following religiously

Across this foreboding land

Heavy atmosphere pressing down

Threatening to expose the past

Ice gathering across the moor

Glistening below a half-crescent moon

What coldness runs through me!

Stealing my breath away

This haunted place

Soaked in honour

Soaked in suffering

Soaked in glorious defeat

Amidst the ensuing silence ...

Flee ... I must flee ...

Culloden Moor

Sleep well my valiant ancestors


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