My Soul Is Just A Sonnet



My soul is just a sonnet,

Made up of fourteen lines.

Depicting all the attributes,

Just looking at me, finds.

What you see is that I'm happy,

What you don't, I cannot tell.

A vast space full of empty

In my world, down here in hell. 

I cannot see my mother,

When alone, I say her name.

Wondering why this karma,

Has me living here in vain.

I cannot mend my father's heart,

It's shattered on the floor.

Alive outside his body,

While his soul walked out the door.

Standing by so helpless,

As she suffer through the pain.

Just to hear her laughter,

She is my sunshine after rain.

Be still my heart, whatever's left,

I'll see you in the sky.

I'll always miss my Mommy

But I will never dry my eyes.

Alexandra L. Narron

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