Whisper Me



A story of young adoration. I indulge my muse once more and speak of the sensations that I feel like fire and ice in my blood. Featured in "Clean" available via Blurb.com. Coming soon to Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other major retailers across Europe and Canada.

I want to kiss every freckle that decorates your porcelain frame.
Sweet, distilled spirits inebriate us,
making the experience even more pleasurable.
Cotton candy breath and licorice black skies.
Rub me tender, as if you never will again.
I'll caress you with the softest of touches,
electrifying your every cell.
Promise me you won't vanish in the night.
Like a vampire,
you've sucked me dry.
Embalming fluid is all that pumps through these corroding veins.
You've stolen the worst from me and replaced it with a rewarding warmth.
Oh, how I love the way our hearts beat in sound throughout the night.
Strip me naked and expose me for what I am and what I want to be.
We lay naked beneath the skies,
feeling smaller than ever before,
but never more alive.
Your fingers laced in mine.
A burning love that can't be deminished.
It will take more than life to tear us apart.

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