Love & Sex, a Confessional Poem



Love and sex are two very different entities. Sad how most of us have to reach a certain level of maturity before we begin to realize the difference. Pipe-in the Confession. lmr

This is
My confession:

I've made love
Far more times
Than I've ever had
Sex.  My imagination is
A whore… yes… but my body
Has been this

Composed of skin and brick,
Tricks and Poetry and
This reed-thin Hope for romance.

I am not
Ashamed to admit
This is what we do
As men: We stick our erections deep into
Illusions and
Into the reality
That we are always alone
Inside this bed
Within our heads.

But sex with no emotion
Was too easy, too dangerous...
And so instead
I've made love to faces with names,
To orifices with brains
And souls that quaked
And then... fell
Shamelessly to their

Knees. And me?  I've fallen, too
Before false gods
And fake goddesses, who
Made me kneel
At the altar of
Some thing
That felt
And Hard…
And Real, like



copyright © 2016 by L.M. Ross

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