It's A Wonderful Life



A poem of personal reminders...Laugh, when bitterness would steel my heart. Embrace, though I feel unloved. Smile, because it’s a wonderful life.

Courage, when the battle is all but lost
Love, when hate crouches at my door
Stand, when the ground buckles beneath my feet

Hope, when heaven falls silent
Run, when fear would ensnare my feet
Believe, when the truth begins to blur

Forgive, and set my own soul free
Mercy, when revenge would be sweet
Grace, when my best is not enough

Strength, when my weakness shouts
Trust, when my confidence lies in ruins
Endure, when the dream is a fading memory

Give, though I have only a penny to my name
Live, when dying would seem such sweet relief
See, when confusion threatens my vision

Fight, though defeat knows my postal code
Encourage, when criticism is the easier path
Inspire, when the spark has left my eye

Ask, though I’ve asked before
Seek, when the answer is hidden from me
Knock, yes knock and knock again

Laugh, when bitterness would steel my heart
Embrace, though I feel unloved
Smile, because it’s a wonderful life

It’s A Wonderful Life © 2014 by Kris Peterson. All rights reserved.

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