Blundering with a plunger for my publisher



Flush that fish!


 My publisher's nuts, perhaps out of touch,

or might just have guts, I'd hoped for as much.

To take on this putz, my O'Bloat and such,

without ifs, ands or buts, I'd be prone to go Dutch.


 After disaster...I researched a few.

While I'm still no master, learned what not to do.

This catfish rhyme crafter, burned by "sell you" snafu

now SpLaShEs! with laughter and yearned to tell of it too.


 She's astute, no refute, she's still "poobah" to me

and suits a newts tributes in a "hoorah" or three.

Print whiz, muse for this or fish lit. sportsmen to be,

this catfish uses bits of Morissa Schwartz and GenZ.

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There's more where that came from!