Ben more



It speaks about the challenges and fears we face to achieve our dreams — Ben More (the great mountain)

Because you are but a conundrum

Then when I reach atop, you chase me quicker to invade my realm

As loyal as ever, those ethics I couldn’t alter

No matter how fierce kept I battling with my dream..

You can but be indelible, no matter how “high”

When I decipher your traits but left only sour

A peak I couldn’t conquer, it was far above the ground

In talks with the world, I found you but everywhere…

The itching, the wounds, the grime about and around

Knelt on my own regards to find myself atop

Gluttony was told, like a bribe to my soul…

Trapped I was, in the realms of tomorrow...

That tomorrow was something, an edifice of my vision

As ignoramus as a dupe, that smoke was not seen…

Ben more was acreage, my prodigy now makes it a distant dream

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