Hope for Him



They say that familiarity breeds contempt. When a couple have been together for many years, it is easy to slip into the gloves of familiarity. When arguments descend into vicious attacks of character — is there hope the relationship can go on?


Resentment thick
Custard curdles
In her gut as
Acrid acid
Spitting forth in
Angry battle
And all the while
Staring statue numb
Will she steal a crumb
Of what once was
In hopes for him
Of him whom no more
Steals from her
that touch, that kiss
All transient soft
Electric light
Now cardboard closed
and brittle spite
His intolerant tones with
Mocking hues that
Bubbles blood
And thieving thought of
Greater good

And yet...

With steadfast fall and rise
Of sun
Will band of metal
Forged as one
In hopes and fears and tears and light
Have strength of soul
Reflect the right




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