The Old Days



reflection/ the old days

I remember the old days

Crystal clarity, euphoric

With traces of melancholy

In a glorious dreamy state


Playing in fields

Sun-kissed days, indigo above

A world of innocence

An era of make-believe


I remember families

Hearts beating with love

Guiding us along

Our eternal teachers


Bonding with friends

Cherubs with golden skin

Emotions dictated by joy

Games and frolicking, unbreakable kinship


Places we frequented, our secret den

The old tree house, our first kiss

Watching dusk descend

The end of another eventful day


Geese coming home, riding the clouds

Calling voraciously, journey at an end

We watched in awe, faint breeze ruffling hair

Full summer ahead, released from our mild restraints


Rolling hills, sprawling green meadows

Scents of bloom, trees full of life

The old barn owl, our nightly companion

Haunting flow serenading us to sleep


The chirping of insects

The moon shining down

The cooing of the wind

Our land bathed in purity


I remember the old days

Even as my memories fade

Unavoidable antiquity

Closing doors in my head


The end is near

Almost complete

I have no regrets

Maybe one day we will meet again



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