Tales of Terror



things we fear

Realizing there is something under the bed

Seeing the ghost of someone long dead

A disembodied voice whispering in your ear

The passing of a loved one, true and so dear

An intruder in the house, biding his time

Footsteps behind you, imminent crime

Aging and death, the inevitable course

Family disintegration, sudden divorce

Four-minute warning, bombs in the sky

Caught in quicksand, knowing you will die

Swimming in the ocean, sharks all around

Buried alive, six-feet in the ground

Airplane falling, engines cut out

Dying of thirst, a severe global drought

Demons are real, possessing your soul

A doctor confirms a cancerous mole

Trapped in a car, surrounded by fire

Tarot readings, predictions all dire

Losing your job, losing your home

Hair falling out when you give it a comb

Memories dissolving, fading away

Scared that you might not live another day

Hearing voices inside your head

Lost in a forest, darkness and dread

Parachute won't open, you're tumbling down

A nefarious laugh from an ax-wielding clown

Spending the night in an old haunted house

Standing on a chair when you see a small mouse

Stung by a wasp, stung by a bee

Clinging to driftwood, lost out at sea

Falling from a building, ground coming fast

Friends disown you, a worthless outcast

Child goes missing, snatched off the street

Poverty-stricken, nothing to eat

A huge hairy spider crawling up your thigh

A prophet announcing that the end is nigh

Terminal illness, six months to live

A cold-hearted spirit, unable to forgive

Crunching noises outside your tent

Hell really exists, eternal torment

Mugged in the street, valuables taken

Ignored by all, your opinions forsaken

Ouija board session gone horribly wrong

Unable to cope, not mentally strong

Strange sounds from outer space

Trouble brewing in the nuclear arms race

Worldwide flu virus, deadly, no known cure

An few tales of terror for you to endure

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