Your love is holding me close, so tight, tight


Your love is holding me close

So tight, tight

You are in my heart

You are in the distance

Where this hearts remains

You are my reason to live for

For ever, ever more

Just your photographs

Just your letters

Is all that is left of you!

I am so missing you

We said the things that needed to be

But do we really, really see?

Across the sea, across the seas

I am missing you

All I’ve ever wanted, needed

Is to be in your arms

Making love to you

Your lips touching mine

Oh boy you make me feels so good

Now it’s all coming true

I’ve always known

Known that you were for me

Now that it is right

Oh I’ll be, be around

Oh how I miss your arms around me

Waking up without you is so, so dismal

I feel so, so small

So small in the sea

I so want, need this forever, and ever

How could you leave me in this game of love!

You didn’t want to let me go

You knew from the start

How hearts are were torn apart

We lived each day as best as we could

You dreamed of these dreams

And all you ever wanted, needed

Was to be loved, cherished

Oh how I am grasping

Grasping positively

At this days ending

Watching, waiting

For the day you come back

You are all I’ll ever need

Is what you said

It’s all that I ever needed

I’m moving with the circling seasons

You are my reasons

I never want to be the girl that got away

That has got in your way

But here I sit and you are far away

It’s tough, rough

Love from a distance

Resistance, defiance


We both know this love will be


© Teresa Joseph Franklin

28th January 2017

All Rights Reserved



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