Like a lighthouse



7/4/2017 When a friend points out to you exactly how they see you

Am I a lighthouse?


I feel like the sea,

I shift from blue to grey,

sometimes to green,

and I am different every time

we meet. 


I flow like the wind. 

See me cross the intervening space

between us?

No. I didn't think so. 

I was there and now I am here. 


I always was. 


I am gone like yesterday

and forever coming,

like tomorrow,

but I am ever-present. 


I am your lighthouse. 

I will guide you to me,

I will light your path

and telegraph your position

even to yourself. 


My light will shine for you,

through any darkness,

across the many long years

of ignorance and self-knowledge. 


My light will shine. 


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