Two hooks



last two for now — focusing on learning them all properly, and hopefully translated too



Remember way back when I was young,

All I ever wanted was to have fun,

Daddy might have said ‘slow down little one’,

So sorry – I didn’t slow little one,

I guess I never learned the lessons,

That you taught, before you died, well never mind – life’s a blessing,

I guess I never learned all that you taught,

Just food for thought, let’s retort and go – back to the lessons

If you want it, you want it so bad, you’ve got to go for it,

Best words I was taught from my dad, I’m gonna go for it,

People telling me that I’m mad, a fucking lunatic,

But I don’t care its all that I have,  so I’m gonna  go for it

So I guess I’ll put on a show,  put on a show for it,

It might be all that unknown, but I’m well known for it,

And it’s the only dream that I  have – so I’m gonna go for it

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