And They Wept...And I Laughed!



This piece was inspired by the passing away of a child hood friend.


Eventually the day came  
As a thief, the day dawned...suddenly!
Stealthily, unawares, the day sneaked on
A day so forlorn, so bleak or joyous
A day that ushered the unfolding of mysteries hidden
When black austere drapes forever obfuscated
The splendor of the sun...the shy blush of the moon...the sly twinkle of the stars never again to see

What a wicked day that hushed myriad noises of life
And sweet melodies of precious memories 
And the loud echos of a life lived 
And the soft caresses of the winds of time
And tender assault of sunny smiles enjoyed 
And sighs fraught with disappointment 
And worldly toils ceaseless

A sorrowful dirge...haunting...primal... macabre 
And a sombre, inconsolable, pitiful party
Accompanied my lifeless, empty, dry shell
Confined in a tightly shut, draped-in-white catafalque 
Dust to dust, intoned the fervent clegy in ecclesiastical gibberish 
...he giveth...he taketh...a high pitched solace thundered across the valley of the sleeping dead
And they wept...and I laughed...and they mourned...and I celebrated

O, the sunset of my days! 
O, the dawning of eternal longing!
O, the eternal aboard in forever exultation of the Ancient of Days!

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