Lost Soul



child abuse

The patter of tiny feet instigates repugnance

Open hatred for your own blood

Another tragic statistic going unnoticed

Life, precious life, means nothing to you

Born into an era of scant pity

Why did you offer me to the world?

To purposely abhor?

To cause meaningless distress?

To hurt?

To enjoy watching me suffer?

I cowered before you, helpless and brittle

Your drunken eyes staring with absolute contempt

My body an atlas of black and blue

Swollen face, broken bones

Unloved and maltreated

Your next fix paramount

You cowardly  animals

Denying me my childhood

Contaminating my soul

Now I am like you

Bitter and resentful

Driven by burning hatred

You have created a monster

Does this make you proud?

My ungodly metamorphosis?

I roam the streets, estranged from your wicked ways

Wandering aimlessly

Mind broken

Another lost soul

Yet ...

It's almost funny ...

It makes no sense

For deep down inside ...

I still love you




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