heartwarming tale about a stray cat


Kibbles and Bits!  Only Kibbles and Bits!
This stray cat ate nothing but Kibbles and Bits.
I poured in whole milk to that half cup of dry
and that’s all she wanted.  Believe me, I tried
fresh Friskies and Whiskas, gourmet in a dish...
this cat wouldn't touch 'em.  She wouldn't eat fish!
I bought all the flavors cats love, I suppose;
then tried Tender Vittles.  She turned up her nose.
Now cats can be finicky.  I had me one;
but I swore to keep her 'cause she would be fun.
I found this gray Persian; her tail was white-tipped,
My French class I skipped


Just feed her the dog food once she’s had a nap.”
Then back at my dorm, our floor lounge was a mess.
The guys had been hanging with coeds, I guessed.

Now Bill liked to party.  He could have been soused,
but ran down the hall screaming he'd seen a mouse.
With it near the weekend, I figured "Why not?"
The next day I drove home and returned with Spot.

The floor was now quiet.  The guys had gone home.
I relished me, Spot, and that mouse all alone.
I tried my room first and left Spot there awhile,
but she was so passive which hastened my smile.
It’s just confirmation and not to sound rude.

I’d always been taught “Don’t be messy with food.”

While licking her paws just as proud as could be,
Spot knew what I'd wanted, then brought it to me.
Since Bill had developed a friendship of sorts,
I couldn't imagine a better retort.
Monday in his backpack, he felt a soft lump.
He pulled out that slick mouse, and man, did he jump!
I had awesome times with that crazy ol' cat,
then wondered a bit when she got really fat.
Instead, Spot was pregnant — the first time in years.
But quickly got sick and I fought back my tears.
She had two cute furballs...but then called life quits.
So I named those kittens just Kibbles and Bitts.

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