Theme Poem: Do we always think there is a better way or a better day? It is all in our dreams FRAGMENTED WALK POEM BOOK COLLECTION Vo. 22 CHAPTER 38   CAT:2016-1188 Inspired By : Conversations with a lover of old time drama.




You thought the day, pleasant with hope,

Perhaps it is true, if you rise in the light of dawn,

Beat the dew filled grass to make the rounds,

Before noon, make double century mounds this high.


After noon, aren’t the shadows of dreams cast away?

Reality of what you have accomplished published before you,

And it must follow as night the day, without fail,

Gather all you can then, for nothing can be added today.


Walk back to where it all started, you deep in thought,

Reflect as you go on, “what it all could have been?”,

Take thought of what could be done different,

Acknowledge that what is done is done.


Farewell now to this day, for it has passed,

Watch as the sun trade places with the moon,

Surely, that time is gone never to return,

Hope you’ll dream a better way tomorrow.



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