Philosophers Should Fish



Just some thinking about some thinking then tinkering with words.

What we need are philosophers
who fish, let them rise
at five and seine
the ditches for perch and pot-bellied minnows.

Let them pour the gas and mix
the oil and carry the bait to the boat.
Let them hook the yellow bream
just below the dorsal fin and the squirm.

Let those bodily excretions encrust
their hands; they should thread
the crayfish as it bounces up and down;
they should feel its caressing pinch.

Let them know the fish by its pull
      the drum's short, powerful dive
      why the little catfish fiddles
      the big cat's massive sway.

Let them pull the hook from the throat.
      Let them pull the guts from the fish.             
            Let them fry the fish on the stove.
                  Let them taste the flesh while it's fresh.

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