I’m just a kid foolish at heart...



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a moment in time that can never be change


  I’m just a kid foolish at heart...

Shh. I’m just a kid, and I don’t quite understand?                              

What was that sound?  It sounded like a snap. Moments I give to foolish thoughts, I like to run and play; sometimes I talk when I shouldn’t speak. Why is everything so quiet?

                      I just can’t remember for the life of me?

                      Why is my mommy crying over me?

                      As she is cradling my body in her arms as her tears fall on my face.

                      It’s coming back to me now. How angry she was when I drop a dish on the floor. 

                      As, she suddenly turned and slapped me so hard.

My head twisted and my neck snapped like a fragile twig in the wind. How I wish she took a switch and discipline me with sweet love, or took a moment or two with words of wisdom to make me understand; as I lay lifeless on the floor.

                      I’m just a kid foolish at heart.

                      So, please take heed never discipline from the anger of the moment, always discipline from the love of the heart.

                      I’m just a kid foolish at heart.

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