Contributory Negligence



/ love

"When you find comfort in shades of gray You become blind to a sunny day."

The truth behind Cats and Dogs

Let me be completely honest
There isn't a day where I don't come in contact with a beautiful woman along the way
I mean, It's happens so often that I rarely look back or stage a plan of attack
Because frankly, it's too easy.
And I hate that!!
I means what's the point
A good time whenever I want
I've been there, and done that, and that, and that get the picture
But I need more than her frame to focus on
and no, I don't care what you do for a livin'
I care more who you are and how you're livin'
No, I'm not new to the game
I've been around the block like your neighborhood cop
But I ain't cuffin nothing
Why? To many shades of gray
Too many women letting lame brothers have their way
I mean dudes are allowed to eat five star meals without footing the bill
There's no courting process
Everything is direct access
Ladies out here playing chess with no intention of capturing a king
You have pons taking queens
What I look like competing with a nitwit
That would jump out the closet on you during your first date

butt naked or send you penis pics

And you keep in touch with these negros
Oh hell no!
It's crazy, ever time I leave the game
They force me back in the center
I've mailed off
my player card 3 or 4 times
But It keeps getting a return to send
I have to address this different because
the rules have changed
We can no longer ride women about having causal sex when we're nascar driving in the same lane
No judges no jury
No commitment no argue
No lies no fury
Intimately with the hope consistency
is the goal
The game is cold but your breathing it in
Whether or not the fling last depends on what season your in
All is fair in sex and on to the next right?

But listen, when you find comfort in shades of gray
you become blind to a sunny day
Scraficing love's light for a few seconds at night
Losing sight of what being loved by a man really feels like

Well that's until you run into someone you actually like
That's the glitch in the game
It's cool for a couple of months then things become strange
Like when he doesn't response to your texts
And starts getting calls from his ex's
Your mind is telling you exit 
But the objective is to protect your heart so you follow the game's directive
remain cold and avoid losing control
To Escape from that space you call the backup to kick it with him at his place
But time with him expires quick
When you recognize you can't control his environment
You'll deal with his ego
Because he meets all your requirements
Except for that settling down piece
But on the flip side, Your a trophy to him, somewhat of a catch and release
Not back to dude
It's cool, you are doing you and he's probably doing likewise
But the next time you're together you can't keep those feelings descized
Now you're asking questions as if you're really in a relationship
He give it you straight, "yo, I didn't come over here for this sh@@!
He'll fall back like 'I though this was cool, our time together it is our time together, I'm not over here questioning you?"
Now you're mad because you let your cat out the bag
Charging him with a crime when there's not clear cut evidence
I'm not saying your feelings are irrelevant
All I'm saying is when you choose to play the game,
you are engaging in contributory negligence. 

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