An ode to thoughts



Her are among a few of those many situations where we are entwined in our never ending thoughts...dedicating a ballad just to those...

Tis the need of thoughtlessness

So much yet to sublime

In the need of they, when the thoughts had to come

It wasn’t the right time


A rustic memoir when I lay at par

Another failure denoted its talks

For the love of thoughtless clothes

Life of mine! Had so many walks..


Those blank sheets, succumbed to my immunity attacks

Words flew astray, my pen refused to write

Thy philanthropy bent furthermore

Alas that vulnerable sight…


Grandeur of thoughts and mindfulness

Never came together, at a single say

I seldom renounced, knocked and kicked

But still, they didn’t make way


A derailed path, an altruistic lie

My wretched mind, everyday a new name

Embroidering the ages of my past

It is yet that peace never came…


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