I'm just misunderstood. I was trying to be good...



Bubbles, it would appear, are the source of my troubles over this last year.



 I think Santa Clause might have had pause with some business I put on my list.

He could be mad 'cause that slight slip of these jaws*, it was his redness I couldn't resist.

Or the elf incident*, not at all what I meant, I was just trying to give him a kiss...

or the big red sled dents* from my test flight event but, the issue could also be this;


 "Hey ho, Frost face, it's me, your old pal from the sea with my list for you to accomplish.

Know, if crossed places be, last years' coal I'd agree but, cut a swimming brutha some swish.

Your eating well, I can tell. Hope the Mrs. is swell. If none other could I have this one wish?

Though they don't swim well, you know they already smell, give 'em fins and make all humans fish!"


 Then, a reindeer and elf, who weren't bearing wealth but, a note from the jolly old guy,

he'd written himself, about my getting some help, this was NOT merry and why did I try.

When the deer and the elf took off, for their health, I again, re-eyed the old gnomes' reply;

..."Without humans here, there'd be no me, fish dear!"...and I'm going to get coal, again, aren't I?



*previously posted prequels


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