There are Temples on the earth today just as the days of Solomon. This poem is an invitation to come and see. They are there to seal families together for time and all eternity.

Man can not comprehend the flawless,

While subjected to the wicked and lawless.

Mountain of the Lord houses the portal,

Leads to deity and all the immortal.


Angel Moroni's message implored,

Spires attest priesthood restored.

Those that enter are bestowed on high,

With covenants kept; progression is nigh.


Enter and learn from symbols replete,

With answers of man's private entreat.

Glorious visions pierce the frame,

Lifting patrons; each the same.


Families then by proxy sealed,

Sentence of exiles there repealed.


Soaring upward from the fall.


I long to stay in the house of prayer,

Commune with Father and all the heirs.

The ordinance workers and envoy,

Offer solace; transcendent joy.

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