This can't ever be true.



A poem about a relationship between two people who have never met yet feelings are as real as if they had.


Thinking about our veiled smiles

    The beating of our lustful hearts

Our closeness, an intense intimacy imparts


What’s the point in all of this? Of us?

    We can never be together

Our lives can never be forever


I brood and marvel at why we started

    Was it loneliness or something more

That grabbed us, shook us to the core?


It’s an impossible situation to be in

    Yet still we are wholly mesmerised

Imagined taste, touch, we apart cannot be prised


Day, night, breathing you in, needing you

    Wondering what you’re in reality doing

Are you searching for me, every effort wooing?


Just when I surmise determined to pull away

    You come back stirring feelings so strong

That I question all over, ‘Is this so wrong?’


You can never be here, and I never there

    We have texts, messages, innuendos between us

An intoxicating drug, thirstily we drink, our daily truss


My heart races my skin tingles

    My head is aching with the physical of you

But deep inside I know this can’t ever be true


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