No Ordinary Trolley



True story of a homeless man collecting rubble for a living, and the pride he showed in keeping it all so neat.

Her colleague called her
And said
This you have to see my dear
So she stepped to the window
And her reaction was wow
Cause like ribbons on a head of hair
Hung six bags full of recyclable goods
On a trolley meant for carrying foods

With unemployment on the rise
This man clearly was not to pay the price
And it occurred to her
His thinking was out the box
So in the neighborhood he would go around
To see what could be found

And when something he spotted
He took the time to neatly pack it
In which bag it belonged
Cause to him it mattered
That everything on this trolley
Be clean and tidy
So there he was very patiently
Tying up the bag
So it would not sag
And spill his goods on the ground
Then he set off to see
How much he would be given in cash
As an exchange

And whether the trolley be
Light or heavy
He pushed it
With a spring in his step
Cause he did not let
Being unemployed hang like a cloud
And so by the end of the day
His face brimmed with a smile and not a frown
And of himself he was truly proud




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