Never Say Die



Gee, it’s too bad,you’ve found somebody new.I hope you never leave.The birds don’t sing for her,and the stars stay,surrounding where we used to lay. Never sunrise,I forgot the beauty of a starting day.I hope you never stay.Ours wer...

Gee, it’s too bad,
you’ve found somebody new.
I hope you never leave.
The birds don’t sing for her,
and the stars stay,
surrounding where we used to lay.

Never sunrise,
I forgot the beauty of a starting day.
I hope you never stay.
Ours were born at ten AM,
Wine gums and strawberry shake,
brunch for the beaten down and broken up.

Does she tire
of the way you talk?
(Maybe I did?)
I hope you never say.
You’d repeat the same generic words,
and I’d smile real symmetrical.
You’ve kept walking,
but I’m the girl in a galaxy.

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