Evening Star Victorious



A poem from my ongoing sci-fi project, Masters of the Future.

Oh proud Evening Star
in your glory afar
Forever I’ll admire
your bright undying fire
On the grandest cosmic scale
other stars in their orbits pale
in a lowly light

They announce your arrival
by scrambling to set
Your rise is the dreaded fall of night

A call for all
to earn their survival
A refuge for righteous,
for the wicked a net
The final truth
no one can fight
Life is a debt
to repay

In the absence of day
to find one’s way
you let show the shine
that comes from each heart

If ever comes time
that ours move apart,
I only pray
long may be your stay

Proud Evening Star
in your glory afar
Inspired in your ire
let every brute and liar
in their ill will fail
and helpless flail
under the brunt of all your might

Dedicated to H. M. R.

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