Farewell Theresa!



I woke up this morning, and I had to laugh!

Farewell Theresa,

Your time is nearly done.

You've driven all your friends away,

And upset everyone.


You really thought we'd toe the line?

If I may make so bold,

The British public never does,

Exactly what its told!


Your manifesto demonstrates,

You're out for your own ends,

With bitter pills for everyone,

Except your wealthy friends.


You tried to sneak through policies,

You hoped we wouldn't spot.

But we the public pay your bills!

Maybe you forgot?


We're daft at times, not stupid,

And realize at last,

We've had enough by far of late,

Of your political class.


You squandered your majority

Now what're you going to do?

And who'll be 'Strong And Stable' now?

It's certainly not you!



© Marcus Brook 2017

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