to the bitter oneness



this explains that its all infinity, the good the bad...everything...

to the bitter oneness, yes it was you

When the ephemeral joy of being not known was felt, this was you

I scattered the art of not forgiving, Satan they called me but again it was you

The heft, the hatred, the rage and the torment; yes you called it the morning dew

Dawn and dusk, forever, like rust the tremors of annihilation for the world to be new

I withheld submission, drowned my demons and let them abate  

Tore my remission, played with the gushing blood in my veins, but again it was you…

Disregard thee they said, it was Satan. But in veracity, the other side of you!

To the bitter oneness, yes it was you

Right atop, the gushing ardour of faith, I had not but one thought

A quagmire of my, self-made draught…

Repulsion you made me feel!

I held you as bate, called you the unheeded faith,

Tis the mirror you said, the one you dumped was I

Alas, yet another side of you!

Another rift of my overdone thoughts…

I seldom fell over the aisle, cradling to the oblivion

A mouthful of nothingness it lead unto

Could there be another I?

That forbidden route or a dreadful sigh..!

To the bitter oneness, yes it was you






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