Dear me...



A letter to my future self...

Dear Amina,

I’ve watched you… I’ve watched you change from who you used to be…change for the better. I’ve watched you grow, become more reasonable, become more patient.

I know sometimes you miss a part of the person you were in a past life – the part that was carefree… But you’ve learnt to pick your battles.

I know you miss your friends…the good friendships that left an impact…the friendships that have run their course and that’s ok. We all have different journeys in life.


Remember what you have now. Remember the moments that make you smile and keep you going. It’s perfectly ok to put yourself first sometimes. The world is not going to stop revolving if you do…

Be happy. Stay happy. Remember you have the ability to choose what your freedom looks like.

Never stop writing

Let the alphabets merge

Merge into words from your mind

Filling blank pages

Making them beautiful…

Don’t stop trying to make yourself a better version; growth is important!


Love yourself. Love your imperfections. Love your scars. Realise your beauty! Accept yourself!

Don’t ever stop dreaming

I hope that you’ll hold on to your experiences… The small ones, the big ones, the ones that scare you. For these experiences will mould you.

Know that you are not defined by the problems and challenges you encounter…

Time will pass

Things will always change

Just put in your best

And watch life unfold

Opportunities are endless – make sure you seize them!!!


“Stop trying to be less of who you are. Let this time in your life cut you open and drain all of the things that are holding you back.” 

― Jennifer Elisabeth


All in all, trust yourself, trust the decisions you make – trust that you know what you’re doing because you’re extraordinary!

I hope you have a wonderful birthday!!! Cheers to me, cheers to you, cheers to us!!!

With love from,

Amina x


Originally published on my blog here

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