Is this love really worth it?



This poem is about love gone wrong. The boy created a mess and the girl feels it was all her fault and that she was the cause of the love destruction.

Is this love really worth it?

If I told you I owe you the world would you take it?

Would you forgive me in an instant?

Or would you throw me out, treat me like trash?

Would you destroy the world I had for you?

Would you say I was weak and ugly?

Would you say I was a disgrace to you?

Or would you say I was manipulative?

Because right now I gave all I owe you.

I gave you the love you destined for.

I gave you the wishes you wanted.

I gave you hope that one day we will be just fine.

I helped fight your demons.

But instead you took it for granted.

You dispose of it, threw it in the trash.

Destroyed it so it would never be found again.


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