Final Wish



Image: Lee Friedlander


When my last breath finally makes its way:

Bury me here and leave me for the protists 
Remember me as I am, this heap of sick, dying, decay
After all, it is what you wanted
Feeding off my insanity 
Betting on my life after every tide
Well here, take this flesh and throw me in your shallow grave
Better yet hand me the shovel 
I always do my own dirty work
Better not stop now 
Deep enough? 
Sure, my ego should fit
Right here 
Leave me for the protists and let nothing go to waste 
But I beg you 
Do not add a word to my silent lips even if my pen is still and my body lame
I am yours for the taking but only as I am 
The wreck you wished for, the wreck I became.

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